An externship, or “mini-internship,” is shorter than an internship and lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Job shadowing is often the main emphasis, but may include hands-on work too. Employees agree to walk externs through day-to-day routines of their job or organization. Benefits to students:

  • Explore a career field
  • Experience a particular workplace
  • Learn how to apply your major from a professional with a similar background
  • Evaluate your fit for a position or organization
  • Make connections and expand your network

Consider lining up 3-4 externships each summer to sample various career options. Both employers and students benefit because they get a chance to observe each other which could lead to future possibilities.

Employers can post externship opportunities directly on this page. In addition, students are encouraged to inquire with anyone about job shadowing opportunities regardless of whether they appear on this page. Contacting Biola alumni is a great place to start. Watch video testimonials below to explore student perspectives on externships:

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