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Hiring Managers

Before contacting an organization, find out one or more hiring manager’s names. A hiring manager is a potential direct supervisor of you, e.g. Marketing Manager, Art Director, Senior Editor.

Human Resources (HR) employees are not direct supervisors unless you want to work in HR.

LinkedIn, with 100 million+ members, is the largest professional social networking site. It enables you to quickly find hiring manager names, read about them, and contact them. Transfer their names and contact information to a target employer spreadsheet (see link below), and then contact them using a call script like the one below.

  • In LinkedIn, click “advanced” link next to the search box
  • Type organization name in “company” box, department in “title” box, and zip code
  • e.g., oakley, marketing, 90639 (100 mi radius)

To uncover more data about a hiring manager, type into Google:

  • “organization” “name” ["phone" -or- "email"]
  • e.g., “oakley” “matthew murray” ["phone" -or- ""]

Call Script
Call Log (Excel file)

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