Jobs & Internships


Career-related internships should be essential to your Biola experience! You’ll be much more successful in landing a job after graduation compared with those who don’t pursue internships.

Internship Search Process

  • Research an field of interest
  • Find people in that field to connect with and learn about their career journeys and preparations
  • Explore Biola’s Linkedin university page to see where alumni are working and the kinds of work they do
  • Search various job & internship boards (e.g., Biolalink, etc.)
  • Ask your professors for advice, resources, or about opportunities
  • Visit our office for more assistance!

Credit-Based Internships

All work can be valuable, but credit-based internships are unique because they benefit from meeting agreed upon learning objectives. Follow these steps:

  • Locate an internship which fits your criteria
  • Contact an academic internship coordinator to discuss whether you can earn credit for that internship
  • Complete an internship learning agreement (sample) given to you by the academic department
  • Register for the internship course number suggested by your faculty advisor; note that credit can’t be awarded retroactively for an internship already completed

1×1 Assistance

You’re encouraged to visit with one of our Peer Advisors if you have questions about finding jobs or internships. Online chat and walk-in hours are available. Peer Advisors may recommend you visit with a Career Counselor for more in depth assistance based on your situation. You can also call us at 562.903.4875 or submit this form to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

Career Counselors

heather_circle Heather Martin

tiff_circle Tiffany Lee

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