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Why recruit at Biola?

Many reasons! Biola University, founded in 1908, offers 40 undergraduate majors and 145 professional fields of study, as well as master, doctor, and professional degrees in 6 schools: School of Arts & Sciences, School of Education, Crowell School of Business, Rosemead School of Psychology, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, and Talbot School of Theology. All are regionally and professionally accredited. Biola is also known for its selective Torrey Honors Institute which is a great books program patterned after Oxford’s tutorial system, employing reading, discussion, writing, mentoring, and lectures. All undergraduate students graduate with a minor in theological and Biblical studies supporting Biola’s mission of “biblically centered education, scholarship, and service — equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.” In its 2014 college rankings, U.S. News & World Report ranked Biola in its “Best National Universities” category. Biola was one of only two national universities in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) to be included in the first tier. In 2013 Biola was also listed as one of America’s 19 “up and coming” national universities by U.S. News.

Post job or internship

Very simple! Click Biolalink, create profile or log in, submit posting for approval, and respond to inquiries. Please note our position approval criteria:

  1. The position’s title and job function must match the duties on the job description.
  2. Salary figures or salary ranges are required for every paid position, including stipend positions. 100% commission positions will not be approved. Salaries must comply with the Department of Labor’s minimum wage laws for the relevant work location.
  3. The organization’s web presence must instill a reasonably high level of confidence to our office’s review team (i.e., appearance, products, reputation, services, and contact information must meet our reviewer’s satisfaction).
  4. The organization must not encourage students to market any product, service, or business to other students or staff on Biola’s campus. The organization must not require an investment in inventory nor rely significantly on referral-based activity.
  5. Third-party recruiters must disclose the name of the client organization(s) where students/alumni will be working.
  6. An unpaid internship should be an extension of the classroom (i.e., it should enable students to apply classroom learning in the real world). It must not be primarily to advance the operations of the employer.
  7. An intern’s title must be appropriate for an internship role (i.e., it should not reflect a role which normally requires significant experience and/or is commonly a paid position in the workforce).
  8. An intern’s skills or knowledge learned must be transferable to other employment settings and contribute in a strong way on a resume.
  9. An internship must have a substantive job description, reasonable qualifications, and a defined duration.
  10. An intern must receive supervision and routine feedback from a professional with expertise and/or professional background in a field related to the opportunity.
  11. An unpaid internship job description must include a statement that academic credit is a requirement of the position, and it is the student’s responsibility to arrange credit through an academic supervisor.
  12. Reasonable support (i.e., direction, equipment, facilities, etc.) must be provided by the employer to an intern receiving academic credit to ensure successful task completion and learning outcomes.

Visit campus

We have multiple ways for you to connect with students in-person. Simply submit this form to inquire about an information table, workshop, class presentation, information session or interview session, and we can arrange it.

Event Calendar

Our Career Center offers an array of on-campus activities. Visit our Event Calendar to see how and when Biola might fit into your schedule.

Unpaid internship policy

Learn the latest about internship laws and what’s permissible.

Customized recruitment needs

Biola’s Center for Career Development can help you create a customized recruiting plan to attract Biola University talent. Please email us at or call us at 562.903.4875.