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Cover Letter Template

Dear Ms _____________,

Why you’re interested in THEM (this job at this organization)
Thank you for considering me for ___________________ (position) at __________________ (organization). I became aware of your opening through __________________ (person’s name or other source). Two primary reasons that I’m interested in this position are ___________________________________ and ____________________________________ (refer to two key aspects of the position in which you have work experience). (Explain briefly why these two aspects interest you.)

Why they should be interested in YOU
(State succinctly why you’re qualified for the position. Highlight two or three measurable accomplishments from past work experience demonstrating how they impacted the two key aspects mentioned in paragraph 1. Draw an explicit connection between specific needs of the current job opening (see job description) and your skills. Research the organization and industry beforehand in order to write the most compelling reasons why you are a perfect fit for this position.)

Next steps
I look forward to learning about your specific needs. I may contact you in a couple of weeks to inquire about a meeting if I don’t hear from you first. Thanks again for your consideration.


Your name

Enclosure: Resume